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City Police Thief Chase


Here it is the most wanted game, the mobile gamers were looking for….Become Police Man, run fast and chase thieves from every corner of the city. Arrest them; put them into jail behind the locks and be awarded as policeman hero…!!Enjoy very first Policeman game on Android Mobile. This is the very unique game idea and there is no other such game on Google play store. So hurry up…. be the first to play best free run game… Before the internet traffic becomes hanged…Just go online, free download, play offline game and enjoy the nonstop fun…**** ALL FEATURES FULLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE, EVEN NO IN-APP PURCHASES******
GAME STORY/ PLAN:A gang of thieves have entered into the capital city and is involved in robbing banks, shopping malls and citizen. This gang has turned a peaceful city into a crime city. They are also involved in prison break and help their companions to escape from prison. SWAT team of Police department investigated each criminal case and observed that the thieves are highly trained and expert runner. They dodge police dog and disappear into city streets through the road traffic rush after committing crimes. So police dog thief chase is not suitable action.
Eventually, police men are himself in action. They have challenge of chasing top of list criminals. It is decided to depute run sports winner police commando at prime locations to chase, arrest thieves. Police car is always alert at police station with expert driver in car for fast speed driving. Police Intelligence have made high security checks using modern technology which alert police whenever a thief escape. Every commando is given wireless GPS phone to trace the location of thief. The policeman will run and chase thief, arrest it and will call police car to bring it to the police station.
It is hell difficult challenge to run after the thief and arrest .You are one of those brave policemen deputed to safeguard country land. So run fast at city roads, drive car at high speed and leave no thief free. Become real police car driver and runner to put a stop on escape mission of prisoners from jail. Can you return the city peace??
TIPS TO CATCH THIEF EARLY: Be quick, don’t let the Thief run away. Keep eye on the arrow but don’t just follow it… Try to come from opposite side. Instead of running behind the thief, play trick, observe the track of thief and come from side. Force thief to get hanged between streets or a vehicle. Avoid road riots while police car driving. Show your driving skills to reach early at station.
EXCITING FEATURES OF CITY POLICE THIEF CHASE GAME: 3D game with HD high quality graphics. Policeman simulator game specially designed for Android devices. Very smooth movements & control of policeman and cars. Fast and furious car driving in city experience. 03 different car steering options tilt, round and button steering. Real like city environment. Realistic police station and police vehicles. Most wanted #1 policeman game for young boys and girls.